Catholic University Parish –
at three locations

We offer you a contrast to the everyday life of your studies and a possibility to share and live your faith with others, to discuss theological and social questions, to experience cultural events or simply to spend free time together.


You are right here

if you want to develop or try out new things.
if you want to search or deepen your faith.
if you want to experience community.
if you are looking for concrete help and advice in difficult times.

Events of the KHG

News from the KHG

Pub quiz, church services, impulses – and much more

Our media library is the central point of contact for all our digital offerings.
From impulses at special times of the year, to recordings of exciting discussions or interviews, to whimsical pub quizzes, you’ll find it all here.
New content is added regularly, so keep checking back!

KHG Café at the location KH Freiburg


Take a break, meet students, drink coffee/tea

Come by our KHG Café
behind tower house 2

Come by our KHG-Café behind the tower house 2

Every Mon, Tue and Wed


1 - 2 pm

KHG Café at the location Littenweiler


Start the weekend relaxed with a piece of cake

Always alternating between the St. Alban Haus and the Thomas-Morus-Burse

Always alternating between the St. Alban Haus and the Thomas-Morus-Burse

every friday


4 - 6 pm

or do you need someone to talk to or financial help?

Our employees are – regardless of your religious affiliation – happy to be there for you.

If you are looking for a conversation about God, the world or your studies, if you have something on your mind or if you are worried, please contact us!


Whether you are at the KH Freiburg, live in FR-Littenweiler or Furtwangen, we are always there for you!

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